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29 Accessories OTR Truck Drivers Need To Carry At All Times

OTR truck drivers need to carry a lot of accessories with them at all times. Your office is your truck. The rest of the world has a lot of luxuries at work that truck drivers don’t.

If you are new to OTR (Over The Road) driving you are probably wondering what supplies you should pack for the road. Don’t worry, I guarantee that even experienced truck drivers are forgetting some of the must have items from the list below.
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23 Tips For Trucking With A Dog

Trucking with a dog is becoming more common across the United States. It’s makes sense, if you are spending so much time alone and far from home then a dog can truly be your best friend.

Don’t take the decision to truck with your dog lightly. You need to know what you are getting yourself and your dog into before you commit to it.

In this article I will tell you the 23 greatest tips to make trucking with your dog a lot more comfortable for the both of you.
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21 Best Apps For Truck Drivers That Are Free

Are you looking for the best apps for truck drivers that are free? Look no further. Stop wasting time and patience downloading trucker apps that are useless and/or unreliable. Unfortunately, you won’t realize how useless an app is until you have already downloaded it to your phone or tablet.  Then you have to go back and erase the app to free up memory space and then start the process all over again until you find the right app. It can take several attempts before you find a trucker app that works well, there are a lot of bad ones out there.
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Drug And Alcohol Clearinghouse: 20 Things You Should Know

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is an electronic database containing the alcohol and drug violations of commercial vehicle drivers. It is set to go into effect on January 06, 2020 and will be a federal program that centralizes alcohol and drug violations by driver CDL numbers.

The rule requires, by law, that motor carriers, medical review officers, third party administrators, and substance abuse professionals to report all information about commercial vehicle drivers for the following:

1. Test positive for drugs or alcohol
2. Refuse drug and alcohol testing
3. Undergo the return to duty drug and alcohol rehab process.

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