About Me

I’m Allen, the owner of CDL Training Spot, and I have been driving a truck since 2011.

I started OTR out of Chicago with a mega carrier (Schneider) and right now am driving regionally throughout the Midwest with a smaller, local company.

I am also currently a trainer with the company I drive for, taking in and training new drivers. During this time a learned a lot about what it takes to be a safe and responsible driver as both a rookie and a veteran. I’m taking all my experiences and combining with good thorough research to give you the most practical information out there.

Before I got my CDL and started driving I worked as a yard jockey for 2 years.

My goal is to get something local really soon so that I can be home with my wife and kids more often. It would be awesome to get home every night.

Why did I start this website? Well, much of what I found online about trucking and the trucker lifestyle wasn’t very practical or easy to find so I sought to compile everything in one central website.

My hope is that you will find something that will make your job driving a truck easier and applicable.

If you have questions about anything or if you want to submit and idea for an article send me an email to: 


Stay safe driver!


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