12 Volt Slow Cooker For Truck Drivers To Eat Healthier

The 12 volt slow cooker that is a “must have” cooking accessory for truck drivers is this one by RoadPro.

I have been using this slow cooker (crock pot) for several years and I absolutely love it.

It’s been one of the cooking accessories that I use most often, along with this 12 volt stove/lunch box which is also made by RoadPro.

It’s great being able to setup the slow cooker in the morning and by the time I’m done driving I have a warm, healthy meal waiting for me.
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Best 12 Volt Stove (Lunch Box) For Truckers by RoadPro

The best 12 volt stove/lunch box for truckers is this one by RoadPro.

If you are like me you will eventually get sick and tired of eating cold food or wasting money on food at restaurants and truck stops.

That stuff in not healthy and is way overpriced.

There is an alternative. You can make your own hot food in your truck without spending a lot of money.
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Best Portable Toilet For Truckers You Can’t Drive Without

The best portable toilet for truck drivers is this one by Camco. If you want to know all about it before buying it then keep reading.

You know the feeling. You are in the middle of nowhere when your stomach starts to rumble and you feel like you are going to explode.

That Taco Bell or buffet at the truck stop just isn’t sitting right with you. This is getting dangerous.

You start sweating when you realize that you have to release some matter (poo) from your body because there are no bathrooms, truck stops, rest stops, restaurants, or stores nearby.

What do you do?  Well, your options may seem limited. A bag? Maybe, but that is nasty and will stink. Plus, what happens if the bag has a hole in it?
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Best Road Atlas For Truck Drivers? Rand McNally


The best road atlas for truck drivers is by far the Rand McNally Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas.

Talk to just about any truck driver that uses a road atlas (a lot of them still do) and they will tell you the atlas is a must have accessory.

Since I have started driving a truck (in 2011) I have used this Rand McNally atlas almost on a daily basis while I was driving OTR.
Once I started driving regionally I started to rely on it a little less because it’s not uncommon to drive the same route several times a month.

Wait, what about my GPS?
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Rand McNally TND 740 Truck GPS Review (pros and cons)

As much as I like (and I like it a lot) the Rand McNally TND 740 GPS for truckers there are some things I found a little annoying. First off, I’ve used a Garmin in the past but decided to make a change. Why did I switch? Peer pressure and research.

A lot of drivers that I know having been raving about the Rand 740 so after doing a ton of research I decided to get one and try it out.

I haven’t been disappointed. But there are some things that I don’t like.
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