26 Simple Ways To Stay Awake While Driving Long Distances

Trying to stay awake and alert while driving long distances can be dangerous, even fatal. If you aren’t careful fatigue can eventually get the best of you and cause you to be a danger to yourself and everyone else.

Drowsiness knows no boundaries and can impact truck drivers, car drivers, bus drivers, pilots, train engineers, and just about anyone else that has to drive for long periods of time.
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DOT Hours Of Service Rules For Truck Drivers

The hours of service regulations (HOS) for commercial motor vehicle drivers has undergone several changes recently and some of the information about them that you will find on the internet is inaccurate.

In this article I will clearly describe the hours of service regulations and address many of the most common questions drivers have about the law. If you are looking for accurate and comprehensive information about hours of service laws for truck drivers drivers you are at the right place. Information Source

The hours of service rules are the following:

Rule 1: Once the duty period starts it runs for 14 consecutive hours after which the driver may not operate a commercial vehicle again until having another 10 or more consecutive hours off duty. Nothing stops the running of the 14 hour clock.

Rule 2: During the 14 hour period, which is also called the “driving window”, you may drive a maximum of 11 hours.
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Best States For Truck Drivers

The best state for tractor trailer drivers based on average salary is North Dakota. North Dakota has the highest average salary for tractor trailer drivers in the United States at $53,730. North Dakota also has the highest paid metropolitan (Bismarck) and non metropolitan (west central North Dakota) areas for tractor trailer drivers.

I’m not suggesting that you immediately move to any of these states or metropolitan areas based on this data but if you live near some of the locations below it may give you an idea of what you can expect when searching for a tractor trailer trucking driving job.
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