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Answered: Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep?

Truck drivers need to sleep just like the rest of us. The only difference is where they sleep. Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers spend weeks or even months away from home at a time. If you are wondering how in the world they do this and where do they sleep you are not alone, apparently a lot of  people wonder the same thing.

Where do truck drivers sleep?

Apparently people search the internet for an answer to this question all the time. Truck drivers don’t sleep in hotels, they sleep in what is called a sleeper cab. Sleeper cabs are like small (really small) rooms behind the driver seat.

In this article I’m going to give you a peek into the world of truck drivers and where they sleep.
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12 Tips For Driving A Truck In Windy Conditions

Any professional truck driver will tell you that driving a truck in windy conditions is no joke. Truck drivers know how dangerous ice, snow, and rain can be but sometimes underestimate windy conditions. Wind is the unseen weather, you can’t see it like you can snow and rain but it can be just as dangerous if you aren’t prepared.
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4 Dash Cams For Truckers That Are Less Than $100.00

No truck driver should drive without a dash cam. Not anymore. They are now relatively cheap (less than $100.00) and provide piece of mind in a variety of unfortunate events.

Unfortunately there is currently no company that makes a dash cam specifically for truckers. Why? Because there is no need to. All dash cams are essentially the same. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a tractor trailer, box truck, bus, car, or pickup truck, dash cams all do the same thing; they record while you are driving.
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13 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Quit For Good

Truck drivers quit for a variety of reasons. Lets face it, truck driving is not for everyone. A lot of drivers see a glorified version of truck driving in movies or in their own head that is just flat out inaccurate.

Driving a truck is not a way to see the world or to get away from problems. If you want to see the world you should do it on your own time, not from the windshield of a truck. If you are trying to get away from problems they will eventually catch up with you again while you are on the road.

In this article I am going to explain the 13 most common reasons truck drivers quiet, especially new drivers.  If you contemplating becoming a truck driver make sure you think about the pros and cons of truck driving.
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31 Newbie Truck Driver Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Follow this list of tips for newbie truck drivers and I can guarantee you that your first truck driving job will be much more pleasant. Even if you are an experienced driver you could learn a thing or two from this list too.

As with any job there is also a learning curve to driving a truck and being a truck driver. CDL school trains you to get your CDL but it doesn’t train you to be a truck driver. Being a newbie truck driver you will come across things that no class or trainer could train you for. This is called learning from experience.
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