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15 Safe Driving Tips Around Big Trucks

Driving around big trucks has dangers that most car drivers have no clue about. If you are driving a car or small passenger vehicle there are some things that truck drivers cant stand and/or make their jobs much more dangerous.

Truck drivers are out there because they have to be, this is their profession. These men and women spend more time on the road than most of us will our whole lives.

There are some specific things that non truck drivers can do to make things a lot easier for truck drivers. In this article I highlight 15 safe driving tips around big trucks that will make your commute safer and less stressful.

If you are a truck driver reading this please consider sending this to others or sharing it on social media so that trucks and cars can coexist a little more peacefully.
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14 Ways To Make Your Truck Seat More Comfortable

Having a comfortable seat is vital to the health and happiness of all truck drivers. Driving any kind of truck for long periods of time can takes its toll on your back and butt.

It’s no fun driving 9 to 12 hours (or more) a day only to have your butt hurt and be soaking wet.

A lot of drivers are given trucks with a seat that is bad at these two things:

1. Keeping your butt from hurting.
2. Keeping your butt dry, especially in summer.
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14 Ways Truck Drivers Can Avoid Getting Fat

Why are truck drivers fat? Sure, there are fat truck drivers, I’m not going to argue against that. Being fat is not unique to truck drivers though. Just take a look around you and you will probably quickly notice that being fat does not discriminate by job type.

I see fat people all the time. The mail carrier and police officer are fat, so is my dentist and the secretary working in his office, the women serving food at the local restaurant is huge too. Several of the teachers at the school my kids go to are fat, the guy getting on the train to go to his corporate job is obese, and the bus driver could stand to lose some pounds too.

Why is there a stereotype that truckers are fat? Because this is America, a lot of people are fat! It doesn’t matter which race, gender, or job you have there is a good chance you are fat too.
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Answered: Where Do Truck Drivers Sleep?

Truck drivers need to sleep just like the rest of us. The only difference is where they sleep. Truck drivers, especially long haul drivers spend weeks or even months away from home at a time. If you are wondering how in the world they do this and where do they sleep you are not alone, apparently a lot of  people wonder the same thing.

Where do truck drivers sleep?

People search the internet for an answer to this question all the time. Truck drivers don’t sleep in hotels, they sleep in what is called a sleeper cab. Sleeper cabs are like small (really small) rooms behind the driver seat.

In this article I’m going to give you a peek into the world of truck drivers and where they sleep.
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12 Tips For Driving A Truck In Windy Conditions

Any professional truck driver will tell you that driving a truck in windy conditions is no joke. Truck drivers know how dangerous ice, snow, and rain can be but sometimes underestimate windy conditions. Wind is the unseen weather, you can’t see it like you can snow and rain but it can be just as dangerous if you aren’t prepared.
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