Truck Driver Wife: What To Expect

There are many advantages that comes with being a new truck driver such as making a decent living, seeing the country, and meeting new people. New truck drivers are taught everything they need to know about driving over the road, but they are not taught on what they or their spouses can expect when they are driving over the road.

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How Do Truck Drivers Get Paid? The Answer And More

Truck drivers are paid one of three ways: by the mile, hourly, or by percentage of load. By the mile means that the driver is paid for each mile they drive, this is usually specific to OTR (over the road) drivers that drive long distances. Hourly pay is usually for drivers that drive a distance of 200 miles or less or local truck drivers that go home each night. Percentage of load pay means the driver is paid a percentage of the gross revenue of the load being delivered, it’s the least common method of payment. Read More

Semi Trailer Landing Gear Explained

Landing GearThe landing gear on a trailer supports the trailer once it has been removed from the semi-tractor. The landing gear are located on the front of the trailer and there is a landing gear on each side of the front of the trailer, so they can support the trailer. Read More

What is a Flatbed Truck? Pictures Too

What is a flatbed truck? A flatbed truck is a truck that is hauling a trailer that is flat. The trailer has no walls or roof, and the trailer is usually made out of durable wood. A flatbed truck is used for hauling freight that is usually over sized due to the flat style and open concept with the trailer. Read More

What Is A Reefer Trailer? (trucking industry)

What is a reefer trailer? A reefer trailer, in the trucking industry means a trailer that is refrigerated, and that refrigerated trailer is attached to an 18-wheeler or semi, so it can transport perishable items that require a specific temperature during transport. The reefer trailer also has added insulation. Read More