The Best DOT Reflective Triangles For Truckers

DOT reflective are mandatory in all commercial vehicles. It’s inevitable that at some point in your truck driving career you are going to break down, it happens to all commercial drivers sooner or later.

You need to be prepared with DOT reflective triangles and know how to arrange them so that you can protect yourself and others sharing the road with you. Read More

Garmin dezl 770: The Best GPS For Truck Drivers

The Best GPS for truck drivers is the Garmin dezl 770 LMTHD. This Garmin GPS (Amazon link) for truckers has all the features that you will need as you navigate the United States. It is the standard as far as being the best GPS in the trucking industry because it has all the features that a truck driver needs in a good GPS. Those features include lifetime maps of North America, accurate traffic information, help managing hours of service, state and border notifications, route shaping, and adjustable volume to name a few.
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Lug Nut Covers For Semi Trucks

Adding lug nut covers to your semi truck is a great idea. After all, you spend a lot of time driving it and why wouldn’t you want it to reflect your character a little. A simple and cheap way to add some character to your semi truck is to cover the lug nuts with some style.

Lug nut covers are simple to put on and come in a variety of shapes. They are usually not priced very high and no skills are needed to install them. In this article I will explain how to install them, what they are made of, shapes they come in, the price of lug nut covers, and how to remove them.
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SuperSonic: The Best 12 Volt TV DVD Combo For Truckers


The best 12 volt TV DVD combo for truck drivers is the SuperSonic LED. This little gem will help you keep your sanity while waiting for your next load. Just like at home you have your moments when you just want to sit back and enjoy some television, watch a DVD, or play video games.

A problem with truck driving is you don’t have room for your flat screen television from home and your collection of DVD’s with you while driving. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. A great option is to get yourself a 12 volt television with a built-in DVD player that you can plug into a 12 volt outlet and watch away.
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