What Is A Tractor Trailer? (with pictures)

What is a tractor trailer? A tractor trailer in the trucking transportation industry is referred to as a tractor (truck) that has a trailer attached to it. This combination is referred to as a tractor trailer. A tractor trailer is often called a semi-truck or 18 wheeler. In the picture below I have identified what is the tractor and which is the trailer. Read More

Is A Class B CDL Worth Getting? It depends.

Many individuals that are considering getting a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) wonder if getting a Class B CDL is worth getting.

Actually, it depends on what type of truck driving that you would like to do.

A Class B CDL is the second most popular CDL type with the Class A CDL being the most popular. A Class B CDL allows drivers to transport and haul freight that is more than 26,000 pounds of GVR (gross vehicle weight). A Class B CDL is a great start for individuals that are wanting to get started in the trucking industry, and it is perfect for individual’s that don’t really care to drive a semi-truck or leave your state. Read More

What Is An OTR Truck Driver? Let Me Tell You

What is an OTR truck driver? OTR means Over The Road. An OTR truck driver is a truck driver that transports materials over the road at long distances, these are not local drivers that go home every night.  An OTR truck driver will be operating a tractor trailer or also known as an 18-wheeler, and big rig. They will drive many miles on the interstates and they usually spend several weeks at a time on the road driving. Read More

30 Winter Driving Tips For Truck Drivers You Need To Know

Snow and ice are two of the most dangerous weather conditions that truck drivers must deal with.

When the roads are covered with ice and snow, the truck will have less traction, and the truck driver must be able to control the truck on the roads.

The visibility may be decreased with heavy snow, and the driver must decide if it is time to get off the roads until the weather improves.

Winter is soon approaching, and truck drivers will have to deal with different types of weather and road conditions. Read More

22 Practical Tips To Stay Healthy As A Truck Driver

Truck Driver Health TipsTruck drivers can face many health issues due to their profession. Over the road truck drivers and local drivers find it difficult to eat healthy, exercise, and sleep enough, which leads them to having health issues.

In this article you are going to find 22 tips to stay healthy as a truck driver.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) did a research and study and have learned that nearly seventy percent of over the road truck drivers are overweight and obese. Read More