Semi Trailer Landing Gear Explained

Landing GearThe landing gear on a trailer supports the trailer once it has been removed from the semi-tractor. The landing gear are located on the front of the trailer and there is a landing gear on each side of the front of the trailer, so they can support the trailer.

Most landing gears on trailers have two speeds, which are the low gear and the high gear.

The low gear is utilized for raising or lowering a loaded trailer while the high gear is used when the trailer is empty and it needs to be raised or lowered.

The high gear should only be used when the fifth wheel is supporting the trailer’s weight.

When Is the Landing Gear Raised?

The landing gear is raised when it is time to connect the fifth wheel to the trailer. The landing gear cranks has to raise the trailer, which is normally loaded.

It usually takes approximately thirty turns or revolutions, but it depends on the height of the fifth wheel, the trailer’s height, and depending on if the ground has any slope.

When Is The Landing Gear Lowered?

The landing gear is lowered when a trailer is being dropped/released from the fifth wheel and the tractor.

High gear can be used when lowering the landing gear if the trailer is empty.

When a driver is ready to lower the landing gear in high gear, the driver should be facing the trailer and the driver should have one hand on the trailer for stability and support, then the other hand should be on the crank of the landing gear.

How To Use The Landing Gear On a Trailer

To use the landing gear on a trailer the driver should be facing the trailer.

Scroll down to the two YouTube videos in this article to watch awesome, and accurate, videos showing how to raise and lower landing gear.

The driver should have one of their hands on the trailer for added support while the other hand is on the crank.

It is better if the driver cranks the landing gear while facing the trailer, because this will keep your hand on the crank firmly without your hand slipping off the crank.

The driver should maintain a safe stand while cranking the landing gear, and this will prevent back and shoulder strains.

When the driver is using the low gear, they should be facing towards the front of the trailer, but when the driver is using the high gear the driver needs to keep one hand on the trailer for added security and support, then the other hand will be on the crank.

Once you are done lowering or raising the landing gear you need to make sure that the crank on the landing gear’s handle is placed behind the hook.

This will prevent an accident from occurring with the next driver.

Landing Gear Maintenance

Every truck driver needs to make sure that they inspect the landing gear while you are doing your pre-trip inspection.  If you are new to trucking and are wondering what the pre-trip inspection is then read this article I wrote describing it.

The landing gear can get moisture in the gear, which can rust the landing gear and make it difficult to raise and lower.

The landing gear needs to have maintenance done, which includes lubrication.

The truck driver needs to make sure there are no cracks with the landing gear, and if there is, then report this to a supervisor.

It is better to be safe, then having any injuries occurring.

Do yourself a favor and watch the video below that will teach you all about what you need to do to prevent getting injured:

Cranking Landing Gear – Injury Prevention YouTube Video:

Landing Gear Operation – YouTube Video:

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