Truck Driver Wife: What To Expect

There are many advantages that comes with being a new truck driver such as making a decent living, seeing the country, and meeting new people. New truck drivers are taught everything they need to know about driving over the road, but they are not taught on what they or their spouses can expect when they are driving over the road.

Life is about to change for a new truck driver and their spouse.

Here are some things you can do to make sure your marriage lasts.

Communication Is Important

It’s very important for the truck driver and their spouse to communicate often.

It is very easy for new truck drivers and their spouses to communicate today than it was fifteen years ago with smartphones and WIFI.

You and your spouse should talk before your spouse hits the road, then again when they have stopped for taking their ten hours off.

You can discuss each other’s day, and what the following day plans are.

Remember, just because your spouse can legally talk to you with a Bluetooth while they are driving, it doesn’t mean you should call them throughout the day, especially if you need to tell your spouse any bad news.

That’s the last thing you should do with a new truck driver.

They have enough stress to deal with on the road, so you want to try to make sure to avoid doing that while they are driving.

Fifteen years ago, when there were no cellphones or WIFI truck drivers would call home from a pay phone to check on their spouse and family.

The phone call only lasted a few minutes back then, so new truck drivers today have an advantage that veteran truck drivers didn’t have, the ability to call whenever they want to.

Learn The Trucking Language

You may be wondering why is it important for you as a spouse to learn the trucking language when you are not the truck driver.

Check out this video to help get you started:

Learn Trucker Language

The trucking industry has their very own trucking language, and if you learn the trucking language, then you will be able to communicate and talk about what is happening with your truck driver’s new career.

There are several ways that you can learn the trucking language.

There are websites out there that can teach you the language, and you can also buy book like this one on Amazon.

Asking your spouse questions is a great way to learn too.

You and your spouse will be growing and learning together with this new chapter in your life.

Home Time is Important

When your spouse finally has time to come home, you will want to plan ahead for it.

You can make his favorite meals, because the last thing your spouse wants to do is to go out to eat when they probably eat many meals each day when they are driving over the road.

You will want to make sure that the short time that your spouse is at home is spent with you and your family if you have children.

You and your spouse will also need time alone.

Don’t get upset if you have been planning things to do when your spouse gets home time, then it falls through, because there will be times when your spouse may only be a few hours from the house, then the weather turns bad, runs out of hours to drive, or the schedule for a load has changed.

A truck driver’s schedule is not set in stone, and many spouses don’t understand that at first, but will learn quickly.

Flexibility Is a Must

A spouse of a truck driver has to be flexible, because in the trucking industry anything can happen to change things.

For example, your truck driving spouse is just a couple hours from coming home.

They just are waiting for their load to be removed at a warehouse.

Anything can occur at a warehouse to hold up the load from being unloaded, and it will happen to your spouse at one time or another.

You shouldn’t be mad at your spouse, because it is out of their control.

They would love to be at home instead of sitting at a warehouse waiting hours and hours for their load to be unloaded.

Many spouses to a truck driver have cleaned the house spotless, then made a romantic dinner for their spouse to get a call saying that they are unable to come home.

Remember, it’s not their fault. Many spouses to truck drivers will not even cook a meal until they know their spouse is just minutes from the house, because they have had previous plans ruined.

Help Your Truck Driver Spouse Leave

It will never get easy seeing your truck driver spouse leave, especially if you have kids, but you can make the leaving easier by helping them get ready to go.

You can make sure all the laundry has been washed, dried, and packed.

You can make some of your spouses favorite foods. Check out my list right here of some healthy snacks.

When you are packing your spouses bag you can put in a handwritten note just saying how proud you are, and how much you love them.

You can reassure your spouse that you have everything at home taken care of, so they don’t have to worry about it when they are driving.

Trust is Vital

Many new truck driver’s spouses always fear that their spouse will be cheating, because they have heard numerous stories about truck drivers cheating at truck stops with lot lizards, which is a trucker’s name for a hooker/prostitute..

You have to trust your spouse!

One thing to remember is if your truck driver spouse wanted to cheat, they didn’t have to wait to do it until they became a truck driver.

They would have done it before.

Did you stop to think that your spouse maybe thinking the same thing about you?

It is hard for any couple to be separated from one another for many weeks at a time.

Your truck driver spouse is on the road to make a living for his family, and nothing else.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Keeping yourself occupied while your spouse is on the road will help time pass by quicker.

You can get a part-time job, join a painting (hobby) class, and spending time with friends and family members.

The first several times that your spouse heads out on the road you will think time is at a standstill, but with time and keeping yourself occupied will help time pass faster for you.

Go On The Road With Your Truck Driver Spouse

After your spouse has been with a trucking company for six months, usually they will allow for your spouse to bring you on the road with them.

You should go on the road with your spouse at least a few times, and doing this will allow you to see what their life is like being a truck driver.

Many spouses of a truck driver think that they are out there seeing the country like they were on a vacation, but that’s hardly what is going on.

Yes, a truck driver is seeing different parts of the country, but they never have the time to stop and do things.

You will also see that there is a lot of boredom and small issues that their truck driver spouse goes through daily.

You will appreciate your spouse once you have went with them on the road a few times.

Final Thoughts

Truck drivers have a very stressful job.

They also live a very unhealthy lifestyle.

Being married to a truck driver comes with many challenges, but if you two work together, then your relationship will only get stronger.

You have to have trust to make a long-distance relationship work.

When your truck driver spouse does have home time, then you want to make sure you two spend quality time together, so you both are connected to one another.

If you are a spouse to a truck driver and you would like to talk to another spouse about different things, then you can reach out to several different websites, which include:

Life As A Truck Wife

Trucking Truth (trucker wife advice)

When your spouse decided to become a truck driver, it also meant that you too are part of the truck driving industry.

There are amazing truck drivers and their spouses out there that will be there to answer any questions for you, but in no time at all you will be speaking the trucking language, and have adjusted to the truck driving lifestyle.