Where Do Truck Drivers Shower?

Where do truck drivers shower? Truck drivers shower at truck/rest stops along interstates. Truck drivers have to park their trucks and use the shower for a small fee (usually around $10.00) or they get a free shower after filling up with fuel.

Contrary to what some people think truck drivers do not shower in their trucks.

As a matter of fact, they don’t have any running water. The only thing back there is a twin size bed to sleep on, a small refrigerator, and some storage space.

Do Trucks Have Showers?

They don’t.

The trucks (also called semi trucks) that you see driving around the country (United States) don’t have showers in them.

They do have other things like a refrigerator, bed, storage space, and some cooking appliances. Some drivers will add a television as well.

The one thing that is missing is running water.

With no running water there is no bathroom, shower, or sink.

Do All Rest Stops Have Showers?

Not always. These days most do though, especially the larger chains like Loves, T/A, and Flying J.

The bigger concern for truckers (or anyone else) that needs to shower there is how clean the showers are.

There are some truck stops that have updated showers that have been updated and are quite nice.

Just the same there are truck stops that have outdated showers that you probably want to avoid unless a shower is absolutely necessary.

Most truck drivers have figured out where the clean showers are and plan their trip with that in mind.

What Does A Truck Stop Shower Look Like?

First of all it’s not a row of showers or open “community” showers like the ones you would have in high school or prison.

The shower is actually part of a stall that you get all to yourself.

Look at the pictures to the right I took of a nice shower stall that has been updated. Not bad, right?

Below it is a picture or the sink that was in this particular stall.

Note: not all stalls are going to look like this one.

You will either get a PIN or key that will let you in. These days the larger chain stops will give you a pin number that you enter into the door.

Inside the stall you will find the following:
1. a sink with hot and cold water
2. a toilet
3. a mirror
4. an AC outlet
5. you will get a towel and sometimes a small washcloth
6. some will have a wall mounted hair dryer

As you can see there are some things lacking that you will need to bring yourself.

I strongly suggest you read this fantastic article I wrote outlining what you should have in your shower bag.

Yes, shower shoes/slippers are on the list. Those are a must have and will save your feet from some nasty bacteria.

Can People That Are Not Truck  Drivers Shower At Truck Stops?

Of coarse. If you are wiling to pay for the shower there is no reason why you can’t.

The showers are for everyone to use, not just truckers.

I would say you can typically find a shower for about $10.00.

How Often Do Truck Drivers Shower?

This is difficult to say but I would say there are not many OTR (over the road) truck drivers that shower everyday.

It’s just not possible. Their time is limited and most drivers have no one to impress.

After all, they are going to be spending the night alone and the following day alone behind the wheel of their truck.

Who is there that they need to smell nice for?

Do Truck Stop Showers Provide Towels

Yes, truck stop showers do provide towels.

The quality of them are often not so great and they could use some fabric softener.

A lot of truck drivers prefer to bring their own towels but they don’t have to.

If you are worried about having a wet towel that takes forever to dry then get some of these awesome microfiber towels.

They dry much quicker than regular cotton towels.

Along with a towel you can usually expect to get a bar of soap and a small wash cloth.

Not always though, it does depends of the truck stop and how good they
tend to their showers.

Something else that is very rare to find at a truck stop is shampoo and conditioner.

It never happens, so you need to bring your own.