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CDL Endorsements: How Many? And How To Add Them To Your CDL

Having a CDL endorsement means that you have additional certifications to drive specific commercial vehicles or vehicles with special components. For example, if you plan on driving a tanker commercial vehicle you will need to pass a written test (multiple choice) in order to have the tanker endorsement on your CDL. Without the tanker endorsement you are not legally allowed to drive a tanker. Get ready to learn everything you would ever need to know about CDL endorsements.

The written exam for an endorsement is usually 20 to 30 questions in length but it may vary based on the state you are in. In general all fifty states have the same endorsements and testing requirements but there may be some differences from state to state.
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CDL Driver License Requirements


What are CDL driver license requirements? This is probably the question that brought you here. Relax, I will explain everything you need to do.  The first thing you need to know is what kinds of tests you will have to pass in order to get your CDL. Getting a CDL (commercial driver’s license) in the United States requires that you pass several different written and driving tests, regardless of the state you are in. Whether you are seeking a CDL in Illinois or Texas passing these tests is a requirement.

These are the tests, both written and driving,  you will have to pass to get your CDL:

1. General Knowledge Test
2. Endorsement Test(s)
3. Commercial Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Test
4. CDL Basic Skills Driving Test
5. CDL Road Driving Test

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Hazmat Background Check and Threat Assessment Explained


Obtaining a hazmat endorsement can be one of the most difficult CDL endorsements to attain. It’s not because the test is difficult, its because you have to complete considerably more steps to get it compared to other CDL endorsements.

One of the requirements for a hazmat endorsement that can be a bit confusing, and intimidating, to potential hazmat drivers is the background check and threat assessment. The background check and threat assessment are not required for any of the other endorsements, they are only needed to attain the hazmat CDL endorsement. It his article I will explain everything you need to know about the hazmat endorsement background check so that you know what to expect when you begin the process of applying for it and obtaining it.
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