8 Most Common CDL Restriction Codes And What They Mean

You should try to have as few, if any, of the eight most common CDL  restrictions on your CDL as possible.

Having a restriction means you are limited to which vehicles and/or equipment you are authorized to drive. In this article I will explain everything you need to know about the eight most common CDL restrictions and how they can impact your driving career. First, you need to know about the most common kinds of CDL restrictions. Read More

Free CDL Air Brakes Endorsement Test

Helping you pass the CDL air brakes endorsement test is what I’m writing this article for.  I will explain who is required to pass it, what to study, general information about the test, and there is a free practice test you can complete as many times as you want to. My goal is to help you pass the air brakes endorsement test on your first try. Read More

Free CDL General Knowledge Practice Test

The CDL general knowledge test is a required written test that you have to pass no matter which state you are in.

Passing the general knowledge test will require some studying and practice on your part.

In this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the CDL general knowledge test so that you can pass it on your first attempt. I also have a free practice test for the general knowledge test that I encourage you to take.

Remember though, free CDL test are good but they are not the best. To get the best practice tests that essentially guarantee you will pass any CDL written test you have to go with something like these tests that will cost you a small one time fee. Well worth the investment.

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DOT Physical Exam For CDL Drivers: How To Pass It

Worried about the DOT physical exam?

Not sure if you are going to pass it?

There is a lot of confusion regarding the DOT medical exam and who is required to pass it.

In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the DOT medical exam and what it entails.

One of the first steps to getting your CDL is to pass a DOT physical exam and get your commercial learner’s permit (CLP).

Without a CLP you will not be allowed to drive a commercial vehicle as part of your training.

In all states you are required to bring your proof of  passing the DOT physical exam with you when you apply for your CLP .
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17 Truck Driver Job Interview Questions

The interview is an inevitable steps of getting truck driver job.

The interview is when you sit down, or talk by phone, with a representative or recruiter from the company you are applying to and are asked several questions to which you will have to respond appropriately.

If you have yet to find yourself a truck driver job or are looking for a new one I recommend that you take a look at my free truck driver job board here to find local and national driving jobs.

The trucking company uses your answers as an opportunity to find out a lot about you and how you will react in various situations.

Though it is difficult to predict the exact questions that you will be asked during the driver interview portion of your hiring there are some general interview questions that you will be asked regardless of the company you are applying to.

In his article we will show you some of the most common truck driver interview questions you may receive and give you some ideas of how you could respond to them. This is your chance to show the company why you are the right driver for them.
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