18 Ways To Help You Retain Your Truck Drivers

Recruiting and getting good people is fine, until they all decide to quit on you.

Now you’re out money for promises you kept to your drivers as well as the cost of getting them to your trucks in the first place.

This article is going to cover what happens after a driver is recruited and brought onto your trucking family, I’m talking driver retention. Read More

36 Unique Gifts Every Truck Driver Would Love To Have

Does your loved one drive a truck and their birthday or Christmas is just around the corner?

I’m sure you are wondering what kind of gift could a truck driver use?

You would rather give them something that they could keep with them, while they are away from you.

Something that will make them smile and think of how much you love them every time they use their gift. Read More

19 Amazingly Healthy Snacks For Truck Drivers

Professional over the road (OTR) truck drivers are having a difficult time eating healthy snacks and meals.

Drivers don’t have a full kitchen with fresh grocery options in their truck, and most of the truck stops don’t offer healthy snack and food choices for drivers. Read More